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Some of our strategic alliances and partnerships.

Epichem Pty Ltd

Epichem Pty LtdEpichem Pty Ltd, with laboratories in Western Australia and Victoria, is an established supplier of products and services in the field of synthetic and medicinal chemistry, in particular specialising in aromatic and heterocyclic chemistry and the design and synthesis of analogue libraries using parallel chemistry. Epichem also supplies a range of API impurity, degradant and metabolite standards. Callaghan Innovation and Epichem have launched a strategic alliance designed to provide clients with continuous and seamless services from drug discovery to cGMP production. View Epichem’s website.


Im-AbleIm-Able is a New Zealand-based company whose goal is to provide arm rehabilitation options for patients, professionals and institutions with cost effective and enjoyable tools to accelerate transient rehabilitation time. It develops products in close consultation with patients, health professionals and research engineers at Callaghan Innovation, who are focusing on developing assistive and rehabilitation technologies. These products have been trialled in New Zealand at the Burwood Spinal Unit, Burwood Academy for Independent Living, Princess Margaret Hospital and the universities of Otago and Canterbury over a five year period. View Im-Able’s website.