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Callaghan Innovation has strong commercial links through investments in a number of joint ventures and associated companies, fully owned business units that operate in the commercial sphere and through the Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand, which operates under the Callaghan Innovation management structure but is an independent, government-funded national laboratory. These entities all have distinct missions and purposes and as such all have separate websites.

GlycoSynGlycoSyn logo

GlycoSyn, the discovery, development and GMP manufacturing arm of Callaghan Innovation, works closely with biotechnology clients around the globe to ensure high quality and fast-paced development of high-value small molecules. Drawing upon world-class people, skills, facilities and equipment, GlycoSyn is your first-choice partner for the development and production of complex active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for pre-clinical and clinical drug development programmes. For all your fine chemicals and custom synthesis needs, as well as online sales, visit the GlycoSyn website.


HTS-110 develops magnetic solutions utilising high temperature superconducting (HTS) wire. HTS-110 has a range of products to suit demanding magnetic applications, with successful installations at leading scientific and industrial sites worldwide. The company was formed in 2004 to capitalise on IRL's world-leading, 20-year research programme into HTS materials. Callaghan Innovation has a minority shareholding (36%) in HTS-110. View the HTS-110 website.

KiwiStar Optics

KiwiStar Optics is a business unit of Callaghan Innovation and is a world leader in the development and manufacture of large, precision optics with applications in astronomy, instrumentation, defence and surveillance. KiwiStar Optics provides a unique total system integration package with the ability to design and manufacture the mechanical housing for the optics, and the assembly and precision alignment of optical systems. View the KiwiStar Optics website.

Measurement Standards Laboratorymsl

The Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL) is New Zealand's national metrology institute, operating within Callaghan Innovation under the authority of the Measurement Standards Act 1992. It is responsible for the provision of physical measurement standards in New Zealand. MSL is a vital facility that enables New Zealand to communicate technically and scientifically with the rest of the industrialised world, essential for New Zealand’s competitiveness in the global economy. The laboratory maintains the New Zealand national standards for the basic and derived SI units under the authority of government legislation. These standards are disseminated through user-funded calibration services to calibration laboratories and clients who require the highest available levels of accuracy. MSL also undertakes measurement related research and many MSL staff can provide specialist technical consultancy advice. View the MSL website.

General Cable SuperconductorsGeneral Cable Superconductors

General Cable Superconductors is a joint venture company that develops and commercially manufactures HTS cabling in New Zealand. Callaghan Innovation's twenty years of research into high temperature superconductivity has produced an effective and cost-efficient method of manufacturing HTS cable. This, coupled with General Cable New Zealand’s background in large scale production of power cables, allows for the production of an extremely efficient HTS cable available for commercial applications. View the General Cable Superconductors website.