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Advanced materials services

Many industries and researchers across the world are developing advanced materials which have novel structures with functional properties that impart significantly higher performance in their target application. We play a significant role in this field of research, and offer specialist services in material analysis and characterisation.

Analysis of cement and concrete samples

We have the expertise to solve a diverse range of industrial problems associated with the durability and use of traditional cements and concretes through more than 30 years experience in understanding the materials chemistry of these systems. Read more >>

Materials characterisation

We offer a range of analyticial servces and facilities - including scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, NMR[?] and mass spectometry - to a variety of clients in fields of study including nanotechnology, corrosion and failure analysis, food safety, and environmental impact analysis. Read more >>


Services relating to our work with the emerging technology of photonics include the synthesis of novel photonic materials - such as nonlinear optical molecular chromophores and polymers - to order. Read more >>

Nanotechnology and microfluidic services

We offer services, expertise and facilities in the fields of nanotechnology, microfluidics and quantum dots. Read more >>


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