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  • Looking for the latest innovation news?

    Callaghan Innovation
    12 August, 2014

    You'll find it on the News and Events section of the Callaghan Innovation website.

  • Riddet Institute Lecture Series: Food & Nutrition

    Callaghan Innovation
    9 April, 2013

    In association with Callaghan Innovation, the Riddet Institute announces the April 2013 lecture series: Food & Nutrition.

  • Shaun Coffey thanked for transforming IRL into crown jewel of Callaghan Innovation

    25 January, 2013

    Industrial Research Ltd chairman Michael Ludbrook has praised outgoing IRL Chief Executive Shaun Coffey for tranforming the Crown Research Institute into a national asset that will be the crown jewel of Callaghan Innovation. 

  • Shaun Coffey congratulates Callaghan Innovation directors

    Shaun Coffey
    22 January, 2013

    Shaun Coffey, the retiring CEO of Industrial Research Ltd (IRL), has congratulated the newly-announced directors of Callaghan Innovation on their appointments.

  • Callaghan Innovation Bill passes third reading

    4 December, 2012

    The Callaghan Innovation Bill, which establishes a new high-tech HQ for manufacturing and services firms, today passed its third and final reading in Parliament.

  • Statement by IRL CEO Shaun Coffey

    30 November, 2012

    After careful reflection, I have decided to pursue new career directions. In the last week the position of Industrial Research Ltd (IRL) as a significant contributor to the NZ innovation system has been further acknowledged through a series of Awards and Medals, including one of the PM’s Science Prizes. IRL is now well recognised for its work with industry. I am confident that I will be leaving IRL in a sound state and well positioned for the future.

  • Warming interest in cooling technology

    Cryogenic freezing
    26 November, 2012

    Specialist industrial refrigerators developed by IRL for the production of liquid nitrogen and oxygen are breaking into industry.

  • Rolling over to save lives

    26 November, 2012

    An innovative new rollover device for quad bikes from Ag-Tech Industries in Dargaville is set to help save lives and dramatically decrease the numbers of work-related farm deaths.

  • Deconstructing innovation

    26 November, 2012

    New firms need to invest in R&D to gain market share. Established firms need to invest in innovation to lead the market or to protect their slice of the pie. But what type of R&D? How do we classify what will work and what won’t? There is no straight answer to the innovation mystery.

  • Fertiliser + Algorithms = Productivity

    Farm tractor
    26 November, 2012

    Converting a powdered fertiliser into an on-farm, easily spread 2-4mm granule requires adding just the right amount of water into a revolving hopper.