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From the CEO

  • Deconstructing innovation

    26 November, 2012

    New firms need to invest in R&D to gain market share. Established firms need to invest in innovation to lead the market or to protect their slice of the pie. But what type of R&D? How do we classify what will work and what won’t? There is no straight answer to the innovation mystery.

  • Connect with tomorrow

    Connect with tomorrow
    6 November, 2012

    Ask any successful business owner,entrepreneur or researcher to name a crucial element to their success and the answer will most likely include the words ‘collaborations‘ or ‘partnerships‘. Yes, seed money is important. Yes, creative thought is important. So are sound R&D practices, product differentiation and proper marketing practices. But successful partnerships can be the silver bullet to success.

  • Putting science to work

    10 July, 2012

    The Government’s latest Budget signalled a greater sophistication and focus in New Zealand’s approach to driving economic performance through investment in science.Behind the funding sits the essential goal of how to put science to work for New Zealand.

  • Partnering for prosperity

    Partnering for prosperity
    19 March, 2012

    There is wide agreement that advanced economies are underpinned by innovation and this is due in large part to collaboration between firms and R&D providers. What is less well understood is that collaboration has been the foundation of prosperous societies throughout the ages.

  • The dynamics of discovery

    10 November, 2011

    From Archimedes to Edison, attempts to improve quality of life have dictated a need for advances in science and technology. These advances are now widely understood as the key enablers of increasingly prosperous societies.

  • Fast forward

    Medical robotics
    18 October, 2011

    One of the great things about this country is its ability to rise to the challenges put before it. The recent earthquakes in Christchurch have challenged not only the people of Canterbury but the New Zealand economy as a whole.

  • Future proof

    HTS magnet
    20 June, 2011

    In March an exciting development in New Zealand’s emerging high temperature superconducting industry took place. Dunedin-based, publicly listed company Scott Technology bought a majority stake in HTS-110[?], an IRL associate company which designs, manufactures and sells powerful electromagnets that utilise IRL’s world-leading superconducting technology for high-value industrial machines like MRI[?] scanners and synchrotrons.

  • Manufacturing prosperity

    High value manufacturing
    5 April, 2011

    In contemporary economies, manufacturing industries create prosperity of the type needed for New Zealand to maintain its place in the world.

  • Seeding success

    Fresh Direct packing staff
    27 January, 2011

    Following the recent changes to New Zealand’s science system, 2011 is the year to capitalise on these and translate them into economic growth for NZ Inc.

  • Patently obvious

    5 October, 2010

    The most significant changes to New Zealand’s science system in two decades are now well under way as the government moves to implement the Crown Research Institute (CRI) Taskforce’s recommendations.