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  • Looking for the latest innovation news?

    Callaghan Innovation
    12 August, 2014

    You'll find it on the News and Events section of the Callaghan Innovation website.

  • Callaghan Innovation Bill passes third reading

    4 December, 2012

    The Callaghan Innovation Bill, which establishes a new high-tech HQ for manufacturing and services firms, today passed its third and final reading in Parliament.

  • Warming interest in cooling technology

    Cryogenic freezing
    26 November, 2012

    Specialist industrial refrigerators developed by IRL for the production of liquid nitrogen and oxygen are breaking into industry.

  • Rolling over to save lives

    26 November, 2012

    An innovative new rollover device for quad bikes from Ag-Tech Industries in Dargaville is set to help save lives and dramatically decrease the numbers of work-related farm deaths.

  • Fertiliser + Algorithms = Productivity

    Farm tractor
    26 November, 2012

    Converting a powdered fertiliser into an on-farm, easily spread 2-4mm granule requires adding just the right amount of water into a revolving hopper.

  • Maths and models: a hotbed of insights

    Geothermal field
    26 November, 2012

    While many school children and adults often question the value of learning mathematics, the ability to understand and manipulate numbers and equations through complex models provides answers that would be almost impossible to obtain otherwise.

  • Healthy wavelengths

    Medical mathematics
    26 November, 2012

    The development of a low-cost tool that verifies intravenous drugs at the point of administration might, at first glance, appear to have little to do with applied mathematics.

  • The right stuff

    26 November, 2012

    A change in material can mean lower production costs, increased efficiency, new or better products, and greater customer satisfaction. But it’s not always easy to find the right material for the job.

  • Markets grow for safe, humane fish anaesthetic

    26 November, 2012

    Lower Hutt company AQUI-S New Zealand is poised to expand sales of its humane fish anaesthetic into the lucrative European Union markets, with IRL helping the company to comply with rigorous regulatory controls.

  • Innovation keeps Fraser Engineering Group ahead of the wave

    Fraser Engineering
    26 November, 2012

    “Innovation is continuous. We love change here,” says Martin Simpson, General Manager of Lower Hutt-based Fraser Engineering Group.