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  • Top researchers recognised

    19 March, 2012

    Accolades and awards for IRL scientists and engineers have been received from the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand.

  • Automation excellence

    19 March, 2012

    A close collaboration has resulted in the recognition of IRL partner Milmeq Ltd at the prestigious New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards.

  • Awards for IRL scientists

    17 November, 2011

    IRL Principal Scientists, Drs Gary Evans and Jeff Tallon were recognised by the Royal Society of New Zealand at its annual awards evening last night to celebrate this country’s top researchers.

  • The world’s fastest Kiwi

    16 November, 2011

    IRL’s engineering brainpower is helping to fuel a drive to continue New Zealand’s legacy of innovation with a challenge to the world land speed record.

  • Curbing carbon

    Wave energy device
    16 November, 2011

    An innovative wave power[?] generator, improved carbon capture technology and a green-energy ‘pod’ for remote communities – these are just some of the R&D initiatives that demonstrate IRL’s significant research focus on new science and technology solutions offering industry the opportunity to develop low-carbon products and services.

  • Freeze frame

    Platinum nanoparticle
    16 November, 2011

    IRL research into controlling crystal growth and shape has important implications for the food industry and energy technology.

  • Ray of hope

    Fibre-optic dosimeter
    16 November, 2011

    IRL is collaborating to develop new medical technology to ensure the precise delivery of powerful new radiation therapies being adopted by Wellington Regional Hospital.

  • Brain gain

    Dr Sunil Vather
    16 November, 2011

    Im-Able is taking New Zealand stroke rehabilitation innovation to the world. CEO Dr Sunil Vather comments..

  • Game theory

    Rugby and physics
    16 November, 2011

    IRL's Dr Geoff willmott, who has played and refereed rugby for 25 years, explores the interplay between his two passions – physics and our national sport.

  • Raising the temperature

    HTS levitating magnet
    15 November, 2011

    The international profile of New Zealand’s emerging high temperature superconductivity (HTS[?]) industry gained a boost recently when IRL and some of its commercialisation partners showcased HTS capabilities at several high-profile events in Europe.