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  • The right stuff

    26 November, 2012

    A change in material can mean lower production costs, increased efficiency, new or better products, and greater customer satisfaction. But it’s not always easy to find the right material for the job.

  • Gaining perspective

    Scanning electron microscope
    6 November, 2012

    Sometimes, when you need to understand a difficult problem, you need to step away from it to gain some perspective. Other times you need to really get into the nanosphere of things in order to find out what is really going on or what is really going wrong. If the latter describes your situation, then research scientist Dr Ruth Knibbe and the two new scanning electron microscopes (SEM) at IRL may be able help.

  • Eyes on the road

    Coastline Markers
    19 March, 2012

    Science is more practical than simply applied mathematics and arcane formulae, as Coastline Markers Ltd discovered when they called in IRL to solve a particularly sticky problem – finding a new way to make reflective catseyes adhere to the road.

  • Proving their metal

    Professor Bernd Kieback
    18 October, 2011

    IRL’s materials experts are helping to forge a new industry for New Zealand based on the wonder metal, titanium.

  • Tranquillity bass

    Noise pollution
    18 October, 2011

    IRL research into composite materials is helping the building industry to find an affordable way of insulating inner-city dwellings against noise pollution.

  • IRL scientists scoop PM’s Science Prize

    9 March, 2010

    Two of New Zealand’s pre-eminent scientists, whose work enabled the creation of a new, high-value industry for New Zealand, were today jointly awarded the inaugural Prime Minister’s Science Prize.

  • Stanford MBAs help IRL's emerging tech go global

    Stanford students
    10 November, 2009

    IRL’s efforts to take its cutting-edge photonics and wave power[?] research to the global marketplace achieved a boost recently thanks to the contributions of two Stanford MBA students, Alberto Nanes and Tyler Warnock.

  • Major advances imminent for portable x-ray imaging equipment

    17 December, 2008

    Radical new x-ray technologies will soon be built into portable, affordable equipment, providing faster and safer x-ray systems for non-destructive testing, security, veterinary and medical applications.

  • Scanning microscopy solves vaccine problem

    28 February, 2008

    After a rocky start in life, the most famous fawn of all time, Walt Disney’s Bambi, survived to mature and reproduce. Many of his descendants are not so lucky, however, and without New Zealand scientific intervention would not always survive to adulthood.

  • New understanding of 'holy grail' nanowire technology

    28 February, 2008

    Scientists at IRL have come up with a new understanding of self-assembling electrically-conducting nanowires, the so-called ‘holy grail’ of the nanotech industry.