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Energy and power research

We deliver future-focussed technologies for industries that generate or distribute energy, manufacturers of energy technology, significant energy users, energy-related research organisations and energy-related regulated agencies. Our research delves into areas as diverse as hydrogen-based technologies, renewable, integrated distributed energy technologies, asset management for power generation and transmission, and geothermal field modelling.

Power systems

We have demonstrated world-class precision and mechanical engineering expertise focused on creating power systems that are lighter, smaller, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This includes investigating the potential of wave energy for New Zealand in conjunction with industry partners. Read more >>

Distributed energy generation and storage

Distributed energy is seen by many electricity industry commentators as an emerging transformational energy technology. We have accumulated years of R&D experience in the development and evaluation of micro-scale distributed generation technologies and systems. Read more >>

Energy systems modeling

We have a longstanding and world-leading capability in underground reservoir engineering and modelling. We help manage the sustainability of geothermal reservoirs by building a better understanding of changes to resources over time from exploitation and natural events. This enables better field management options to be designed and evaluated. Read more >>

Hydrogen technologies

We are the leading hydrogen energy research organisation in New Zealand and acts as a New Zealand technical expert for the International Partnership for Hydrogen Economy. Our research spans the future production of hydrogen (including purification) storage then finally conversion to heat and/or electricity. Read more >>

Clean coal

Our research in this area focuses on methods for capturing carbon dioxide emissions produced from burning coal and other fuels and the modeling of carbon dioxide sequestration in underground reservoirs. Read more >>

Materials that convert energy

We have specialist expertise and research that focuses on the discovery of new materials, known as quantum dots, for energy conversion. See their application in solar energy research. Read more >>

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