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High-tech manufacturing research

Facing competition from markets with low labour costs, New Zealand manufacturers are under increasing pressure to move up the value chain, reduce the cost of production and identify niches where competition is more limited. This has necessitated a move in developed countries towards more intelligent production and products. We have accepted the challenge to play a significant role in the manufacturing sector by ensuring access to world-class research and engineering to achieve new levels of productivity and innovation.

(NB: For information on our machine vision research see Information and communication technologies)

High temperature superconductors

We and our partners are at the forefront of research into HTS[?] technology, which promises to deliver great efficiencies to a wide range of industries. Our key HTS research includes wire development, cryogenic refrigeration, magnets, coils and devices, Roebel cable, power systems,  and fundamental research. Read more >>

Industrial imaging and sensing

Our industrial imaging and sensing expertise is focused on research and development into sonar technologies and laser scanning technology that enables forestry operators to improve their returns. Read more >>

Robotics and automation

We are actively pursuing several research projects in automation, principally in the meat, seafood, and other primary industries. These involve applying advanced automation technology to product handling, processing and sorting to increase efficiency and throughput. Our activities cover the gamut of development from initial concept to production prototype, working with technology partners to deliver viable commercial solutions. Read more >>

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