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Information and communication technologies

We provide research and development services, technologies and products for companies which develop and manufacture goods based on ICT[?], for manufacturers and industrial users of intelligent devices, and for industries using knowledge-based manufacturing systems. Our expertise includes the development, application and implementation of signal processing algorithms, audio technologies, wireless technologies, photonics material and devices, and electronics and software engineering.

Signal separation and classification

We are developing blind source separation algorithms to provide enhanced separation of mixed signals or mixtures of signal plus noise or interference.  We are also developing methods for classification and separation of signals based on higher dimensional signal representation. Read more >>

Wireless communications

We are developing new wireless communication technologies that will enable more reliable broadband services and applications in the future. Current research includes development of cognitive radio that will provide more robust communications through the more efficient use of radio spectrum. Read more >>


We apply signal processing expertise to develop audio technologies for enhancing listener experience. Our research focus is holographic audio systems, by which we mean systems for the accurate recording, enhancement and reproduction of three dimensional sound fields and the application of this research in commercial products. Key research areas include surround sound systems, and virtual acoustics. Read more >>

Sonar technologies

We are working with industry partners to develop novel, high-performance sonar systems for recreational and commercial marine application. Our key research areas include the development of sonar transducer technology; sonar signal processing and sonar system electronic architecture. Read more >>

Machine vision

Our key research interests in the area of machine vision include: the rapid creation of 3D content for objects and scenes; the development of  calibration techniques for a wide range of imaging equipment; and 3D sensing and processing techniques such as pose estimation, triangulation, meshing, surface geometry estimation. Read more >>

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