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Energy and power services

We deliver future-focussed services, products and technologies for industries that generate or distribute energy, manufacturers of energy technology, significant energy users, energy-related research organisations and energy-related regulatory agencies.

Our areas of expertise include hydrogen-based technologies, renewable and distributed energy technologies, asset management for power generation and transmission, geothermal field modelling, and electrical testing.

Power systems

Our services to the power industry include the only commercial high voltage and heavy current testing laboratory in New Zealand. Read more >>

Energy systems modeling and support

We have the capacity to evaluate and model sustainable and distributed electricity generation options to optimise energy system implementation at rural and urban sites. Our related services include small scale and distributed energy technology assessment and geothermal resource assessment, utilisation, modeling and software. Read more >>

Hydrogen as an energy carrier

Our hydrogen energy-related services include its hydrogen technologies laboratory, and demonstrations of the application of fuel cell technology. Read more >>

Clean coal

We have specialist expertise in methods for capturing carbon dioxide emissions produced from burning coal and other fuels. Services include the modeling of carbon dioxide sequestration in underground aquifers. Read more >>

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