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Health technologies services

Services associated with our health technology research and development expertise cross a wide range of specialties and research areas including:

Drug discovery and development

We have specialist chemical and biochemical expertise for the discovery of new drug candidates to target a range of conditions and diseases, as well as dedicated bioprocessing expertise for the necessary assessment of new drug candidates. Read more >>

Materials characterisation

We offer a range of analytical services, expertise and facilities - including scanning electron microscopy, NMR[?] and mass spectometry - with applications in health-related fields such as biotechnology, food safety, and nanotechnology. Read more >>


We offer measurement, calibration and testing with applications in health and food safety through the Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand. Read more >>

Product design

We undertake R&D[?] projects for clients needing the design and development of new and challenging prototype products for the health sector. Read more >>

Assistive devices

We are developing assistive devices with the aim of improving the rehabilitation and therapy process. Read more >>

Medical diagnostics

We are developing next generation analytical devices through the application of microfluidic and nanofluidic modelling, photonics and nanotechnology. Read more >>

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