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High-tech manufacturing services

Our world-class science and engineering capabilities combine to provide a range of valuable services to industries engaged in various forms of high-tech manufacturing. These services include mathematical modelling of industrial processes and systems, as well as product design and microfabrication for the electronics industry, to name a few.

Industrial processes and systems

Callaghan Innovation boasts world-leading applied mathematics capabilities, which allow it to offer considerable value to the manufacturing industries, in the form of such services as experimental design and data analysis, heat and mass transport modelling and the development of non-standard mathematical models to simulate physical systems. Read more >>

Robotics and automation

We are actively pursuing several research projects in automation, principally in the meat, seafood, and other primary industries. These involve applying advanced automation technology to product handling, processing and sorting to increase efficiency and throughput. Our activities cover the gamut of development from initial concept to production prototype, working with technology partners to deliver viable commercial solutions. Read more >>

Product and materials development consultancy

We provide technical problem solving services to companies in areas relating to product and materials development. Read more >>


Our microfabrication facility is well suited to those in industry or research who would like to manufacture micro-sensors, micro-fluidic channels, micro-machined Piezoceramics, quartz and silicon etched devices and other three-dimensional structures with electrical connections, but lack the equipment or background. Read more >>

Product design

We undertake R&D projects for clients needing the design and development of new and challenging prototype products. Most projects use embedded microcontrollers and sensors and require skills in mechanical and industrial design, electrical and electronic design, microprocessor software development, printed circuit board layout, and technical documentation such as manufacturing manuals and user guides. Read more >>

Optical systems

Through our business unit KiwiStar Optics we offer cutting edge optical system solutions, from concept to prototyping, and small run manufacturing. Our track record includes designing a range of systems from astronomical optics to standard camera lenses, components for two of the world’s largest telescopes, optical components for navigation lights, a proton-radiography camera, submarine viewpoint corrector, and special optics for night vision lenses. Read more >>

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