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Lomak keyboard


lomak keyboard imageLomak stands for 'light-operated mouse and keyoard'. It is activated by a laser and can be used by a wide variety of disabled people. It can be configured to suit international users.

Our task was to complete the firmware and commission a light-operated mouse and keyboard for use by people with limited or no hand function.

We joined the project late in the development cycle. The mechanical and electronics hardware, plastics, and top surface overlay were complete, apart from issues with form and fit.

However, the project was stalled. The embedded microprocessor program needed a lot more development to achieve the desired functionality.


The keyboards are novel in design. They are operated by a head-mounted laser which is switched on by a coded infrared signal coming from the keyboard. The keyboards can also be controlled by a handheld pointer.

The firmware can be user-configured to generate international characters used in many countries. To the PC, the keyboards appear as a standard mouse and keyboard and do not need any extra software driver to be loaded.

lomak keyboard imageThe laser pointer can be mounted on a headband or cap. It turns on when it comes in range of the keyboard, and its beam activates sensors on the keyboard.

Our contribution

We completed the software program and assembled and commissioned the first five commercial units. We also wrote an Assembly and Test Procedures manual for the manufacturing company, and the User Guides as an online (web-based) document.

We have subsequently created firmware releases for a variety of international markets, and implemented the Notesai variant with wider spaced keys for cerebral palsy sufferers.

Our team’s effort

Software, 70%
Electronics, 20%
Mechanical, 10%


Opdo Limited