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Our scientists and engineers publish papers in a range of academic journals. This database provides you access to the list of papers published since 1992.
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Improved confidence regions based on Edgeworth expansions, Withers, C. S., and Nadarajah S. , Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Volume 56, Number 12, p.4366-4380, (2012) Abstract
Improved methods for generating focused sources using circular arrays, Poletti, M. A. , 133rd Audio Engineering Society Convention 2012, AES 2012, Volume 1, p.243-252, (2012) Abstract
In Situ, real-time synchrotron X-ray scattering, Ingham, B. , Synchrotron: Design, Properties and Applications, p.159-190, (2012) Abstract
In-situ synchrotron XRD studies of CO2 corrosion of carbon steel, Ko, M., Ingham B., Laycock N., Burnell J., and Williams D. E. , Annual Conference of the Australasian Corrosion Association 2012, p.587-594, (2012) Abstract
An initial investigation of the damped resonant behaviour of gas-operated pressure balances, Sutton, C. M., Fitzgerald M. P., and Jack D. G. , Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, Volume 45, Number 10, p.2476-2478, (2012) Abstract
Maximum modulus confidence bands, Withers, C. S., and Nadarajah S. , Statistical Papers, Volume 53, Number 4, p.811-819, (2012) Abstract
Microscope electronics system, Petherick, R., Leonard-Taylor M., Greager D., and Harris P. , IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS, p.2431-2434, (2012) Abstract
Modification of vapor-pressure reference functions to include parameter covariance, Lovell-Smith, J. , International Journal of Thermophysics, Volume 33, Number 8-9, p.1390-1407, (2012) Abstract
Moments and cumulants for the complex Wishart, Withers, C. S., and Nadarajah S. , Journal of Multivariate Analysis, Volume 112, p.242-247, (2012) Abstract
Multi-exposure laser speckle perfusion imaging for retinal blood flow, Hirst, E., Andrews M. K., and Thompson O. , Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 8222, (2012) Abstract
Multiple classification without model order estimation, Acharyya, R., and Scott N. L. , Program Book - OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE Yeosu: The Living Ocean and Coast - Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities, (2012) Abstract
Nonparametric estimates of low bias, Withers, C. S., and Nadarajah S. , Revstat Statistical Journal, Volume 10, Number 2, p.229-283, (2012) Abstract
Novel diaphragm based stirling cryocooler, Caughley, A. J., Tucker A., Gschwendtner M., and Sellier M. , AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1434, Number 57, p.667-674, (2012) Abstract
On the dependency for asymptotically independent estimates, Withers, C. S., and Nadarajah S. , Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes, Volume 15, Number 2, p.127-132, (2012) Abstract