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Research partnerships

We bring together industrial, research, and government organisations to work on the most challenging problems facing New Zealand and the international community.

Industry partners help guide the research, participate in the engineering of solutions, and eventually take the resulting technology to market. Other researchers provide specialised science skills, knowledge and resources. Where there is the potential for significant benefits to New Zealand, we invite government investment in every phase of the research and development.

Proven approach

Each research partnership is distinctive; inspiration may come from individual companies, new areas of science enquiry or industry groups. The work often takes many years, involves multiple partners, requires millions of dollars in investment, and results in world-class products or services. The role of participants varies depending on the needs of the project and the interest of those involved. Regardless of the source of the idea or the makeup of the team, we follow a proven approach to innovation.

1. Research.

We form a team of researchers from Callaghan Innovation and other New Zealand and international research organisations, combined with an advisory group from a company or companies with an interest in the potential application of the science to their markets (read our impact case study, Lipid chemistry - turning raw materials into high-value New Zealand products).

2. Technology development.

Callaghan Innovation assembles multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers from across New Zealand and around the world to gain an understanding of how to make practical products from the research.

3. Market development.

When the technology is ready for commercialisation it is made available to participating partners and interested investors via licence agreements, or new spin-off or joint ventures.