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Partner Programme

We are focused on extending our reach across New Zealand so that more businesses in the industrial manufacturing sector can benefit from the R&D-based innovation we can provide.

To do this, we are working to partner with a network of organisations across the country that are looking to strengthen and invigorate their local economies.

We understand that organisations with a regional presence are the experts on their local economies and that research and development can be a catalyst for economic growth. So, we are working directly with these organisations to help them engage businesses nationwide in results focused R&D.

We help partner organisations to raise local business awareness of the value R&D can provide and to give them information to make it easy for them to identify businesses that could benefit from working with us.

If you are working to progress your regional economy, get in touch with Irwin Munro, Partner Programme Manager in our Industry Engagement team to discuss how the Partner Programme could support you.